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The bodhrán has the power to drive a band or provide the most subtle of accompaniments to a solo flute. The use of this drum by the Wren Boys was at its most rumbustious, but we have witnessed in the last thirty years a developing role for the bodhrán - within the tradition, yet extending and enhancing it.

For the last twenty years I have been trying to make bodhráns that sit well within the tradition yet have the craftsmanship and beauty that the instrument deserves. If you want to know more, read on.....

Since 1996 I have had the privilege of publishing 'The Bodhrán' by Janet McCrickard, a fine study of the history and use of this special drum. For details.....

I can also supply accessories!

Unfortunately, because of other work commitments the bodhrán making is currently on hold. However I can still supply bags, tippers and Janet McCrickard's book. Please do explore the site.
If you have a particular question you want to ask, what to look for in a bodhrán for instance, or perhaps you have a bodhrán and you're not happy with it, try my FAQs page.